An extremely popular medium for expression in textile art and design, this introductory practical felting course will provide opportunity to learn 2D and 3D felting techniques together with needle-felting to embellish your work.

This course will run once a month for 4 months.

On this course you will learn the basics of flower arranging, including: how to prepare your stems; how to use flowers and foliage available to you; construction methods and the elements and principles of design. You will learn how to arrange flowers in vases and as hand-held bouquets.

Introduction to basic drawing and mark making.

This course will introduce the basic principles and elements of graphic design. You will look at the history of graphic design in the last 100 years as well as typography, communication and colour.

So you’ve bought your first what do you do? If you are struggling with your first steps in DSLR Photography then this is the course for you. You will learn how to choose the correct aperture and depth of field for different subjects as well as shutter speed for freezing subjects or capturing a sense of movement in your scene.

After a photography session with our qualified tutor, learn how to use Photoshop on your own photographs and perhaps even improve them!

Learn techniques for bringing old photos to life, from fixing torn or otherwise damaged areas of a photo to improving the level of detail and adding colour where it didn’t exist before.

Photographic editing tips and tricks from our qualified photographer and IT tutor. Whether you're a professional photographer that likes to travel light or a casual photographer that simply likes the convenience of using the iPad, there are a number of apps for editing photos. Get to grips with using your built-in camera as well as using free editing apps.

Learn how to: make the most of your Digital Camera; take better photos; use a scanner and transfer, store and print images. Learn basic editing skills with Adobe Photoshop. You will need your own digital camera.

This course is designed to provide learners with an introduction to the skill and theories applicable to digital photography and image manipulation. Learners will explore the use of digital cameras and image manipulation software and develop practical skills in both areas. From macro photography to landscape photography. From black and white to colour.

Location: Aberaeron
Start Date: 28/09/2017

Location: Llandysul
Start Date: 25/09/2017

This course is designed for those with little or no experience using Publisher who want to learn the basic skills necessary to begin to use the program effectively. Learn about the layout and design principles necessary to create professional marketing materials. Create flyers, brochures, newsletters and more using the Wizards.

This course will provide you with an introduction to website design which will help you create your own website.

Course content:

  • good and poor design
  • planning
  • using images
  • creating banners
  • navigation

This course is for anyone looking to share their thoughts and ideas through the creation of a blog on the Internet. Once created you will be able to regularly update your blog with any information you want to share.

This course covers a wide range of traditional and modern embroidery.

Students work on techniques and items of their own choice. They are encouraged to explore different types of embroidery using a variety of threads and fabrics. Needlework is done by hand. Students are encouraged to work on their own projects with the tutor's assistance.

The class caters for mixed ability from beginners to learners with some experience. The class is facilitated in a workshop style.

What you will need - Basic equipment should include scissors, needles, measuring tape, pins and an embroidery hoop. Materials will vary depending on personal choice. Recycling fabrics is encouraged.