Dysgu Bro Ceredigion Community Learning is working in partnership with Pembrokeshire College* to deliver the Reach Project

ReachWebLogo1What is the Reach project?

The project is aimed at those with mental and physical health issues, unemployed or over 55’s, designed to deliver courses to motivate, increase wellbeing, confidence and skillset for enjoyment or to help find employment. The project will offer a wide range of subjects from First Aid, to IT and arts and crafts.

Over 3 years the ‘Reach’ project will aid the delivery of community courses across Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion. It will enable courses to be offered for subsidised rates or in some cases for free and will support the costs for hiring community venues and ensure those who usually would not be able to access courses can do so.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from the project contact: 01437 753139 or email

*Pembrokeshire College successfully won their bid for Big Lottery Funding as part of the 'People and Places' fund

ReAct Funding**

Recently made redundant or facing redundancy?

You could be entitled to up to £1500 of ReAct funding to help you improve your skills and return to work. If you need to retrain and gain new skills to help you find a new job, the programme could give you the opportunity to enrol on Vocational Training Courses, up to a value of £1500.

You are eligible if you:

  • have been made redundant in the last three months, are currently unemployed and have not been in continuous employment for six weeks or more since being made redundant
  • are currently under notice of redundancy
  • have not undertaken any publicly funded training since being made redundant, including the work-based learning suite of programmes

The ReAct funding programme also offers a prospective employer a grant for employing you and further grants towards on-the-job training, once you have started work.

In order to ensure that this training provides the best possible chance of finding new employment, you will need to have you training needs assessed by Careers Wales.

Contact Careers Wales 0800 028 4844

**ReAct Redundancy Scheme is a programme of funding for training provided by the Welsh Government

Workways+ helping to get people back into work

Workways+ can assist your business by:

  • providing free recruitment service for employers and potential employees
  • helping to make recruitment easier
  • provide suitable candidates for vacancies
  • assist with work trials and taster days
  • prepare potential candidates with suitable training

In addition, Workways+ also supports participants aged over 25, be economically inactive / long term unemployed and have a complex barrier to work (i.e. low or no skills, a work limiting health condition, care or childcare responsibilities, from a jobless household, are from a BME (Black Minority Ethnic) group, or aged over 54).

If you know of anyone who could benefit from our support or any employer who is looking to employ please give us a call on 01545 574193 or visit