Lifestyle Courses

The aim of this course is to increase your stamina, strength and suppleness. Stamina will help you to keep going without getting tired quickly. Strength is needed in everyday activities around the home. With muscle strength and suppleness you will be less at risk of sprains and strains and will stay more active as you get older.

This course teaches you about the history, use, and effects of flower essences, it also offers practical advice on a variety of problems that are often treated with flower essences. Flower essences are extremely diluted extracts from flowers that are used to improve the emotional, spiritual, and physical health of people and animals.

This workshop will look at some of the basic crime scene examination methods used by Crime Scene Investigators and Forensic Scientists. You will carry out activities encouraging you to see beyond the ‘CSI’ type dramas and begin to examine the range of evidence and methods used to discover ‘Whodunnit?’!

  • Introduction to forensic science
  • Crime scene investigation – looking at the evidence, including: Fingerprints, ‘Trace’ evidence, e.g. fibres, DNA
  • How is a crime scene examined?

Money a bit tight? Seen the successes of Extreme Couponers on TV and on the web? Come along to this course and find out how to make your household budget stretch further by exploiting vouchers, in-store offers, comparison websites, apps and lots more. Take the taste test, can you tell which is branded and unbranded?

Note: Courses can be delivered in Welsh, English or bilingually, plese let us know your language preference