Office Skills

Confidence with Presentations

Do you have to give presentations at work or want to give presentations to your local club or society? Do you lack confidence? We run a 2-day course where you will learn to plan a presentation, produce slides using Microsoft PowerPoint and deliver a polished presentation.

Confidence in Meetings

Do you want to appear more confident in meetings and be able to deal with aggressive behaviour and disagreement? Join our one day course to learn practical tips and techniques to get your point across.

Business Administration

Business Level Admin Level 1

This qualification in Business Administration is for people who work, or want to work, in administrative support roles. A qualification in Business and Administration can help you succeed in a support role in any size or type of organisation. These roles include: Secretaries, Receptionists, Administrators, Personal Assistants, Office Supervisors/Team Leaders or Managers.

Business Level Admin Level 2

The Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration is designed for those working in or looking to work in a business administration role or similar, for example Administrator, Business Support Officer, Office Assistant, Receptionist. The training is designed to teach you how to increase your performance, productivity and supervisory skills and save your business money.

This qualification will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Gain the skills and knowledge required for working in a business administration role
  • Develop and demonstrate your competence including development of work relationships, communication in a business environment, provision of effective administrative services such as meeting support, production and management of documents and information, managing diaries and travel arrangements as well as managing own personal and professional development

Report Writing

Do you want to produce high quality reports? Learn how to write clear, effective and professional reports on our one day course.

Minute Taking

Are you nervous about the thought of taking minutes? Why not join our one day course where you will find out about the responsibilities of the minute taker, tips for writing accurate and appropriate minutes and what to do in preparation for meetings and how to follow-up afterwards.

International Certificate of Digital Literacy (ICDL)

International certificate of digital literacy logo
International certificate of digital literacy

The International Certificate of Digital Literacy is an internationally recognised qualification which enables you to demonstrate your competence in the use of a personal computer and common computer applications. It is for those who wish to gain a basic qualification in computing to help with their current job, develop their skills, enhance career prospects, or just for general interest.

ICDL Essentials

  • IT Security for Users
  • IT User Fundamentals
  • Using e-mail and the Internet

ICDL Extras

  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Improving Productivity using IT

ICDL Advanced

ICDL Advanced builds on the skills developed in ICDL Extra and allows you to demonstrate your higher level computer skills. You can show employers that you are confident, competent and efficient in a range of applications. The applications covered are Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases and Presentation.

Microsoft Office



This course is perfect for the complete beginner or the basic user to get up-to-speed with the latest features of Microsoft Word. Quickly and easily create powerful, professional looking letters and documents and build your confidence using this version of Word.

Subjects covered include: exploring Word, creating and editing documents, formatting text and paragraphs, customizing paragraphs, tools, bullets & numbering and printing.


Attend this training course and enhance your knowledge of Microsoft Word. This course is suitable for those who already know how to create simple formatted letters and documents. You will gain an understanding of creating and managing simple styles, templates, page numbering, managing tables and mail merge.

Subjects covered include: headers & footers, controlling text flow, columns, working with tables, using graphics, modifying pictures, creating and using styles and mail merge.


This course is designed to enable more experienced users to fully develop their Word skills. Using advanced features to manage large documents and automate the Word environment, you will soon be creating complex documents with headers and footers, outline numbering and lists of styles.

Subjects covered include: table of contents, comments, captions, bookmarks, endnotes, footnotes, cross-references, index, using track changes, create forms, sub-documents and macros.

Mail Merge

Tired of typing out addresses? Have a mail-shot to do? Have a letter you want to send to many addresses? Need to produce address labels? Come along and learn how to create Mail Merge documents from existing and/or new lists.

Excel (Spreadsheets)


This course is designed to provide an introduction and overview of the basic features of Excel. Upon completion of this course you will have an understanding of creating spreadsheets, basic calculations, handling simple lists of data, charts and be able to print out formatted sections of the spreadsheet.

Subjects covered include: exploring Excel, spreadsheet basics, creating and modifying worksheets, manipulating data, sorting data, basic formulae, copying and extending formulae, formatting a worksheet, printing worksheets and creating charts.


This course is suitable for those who already know how to use Excel to make simple spreadsheets with basic calculations but wish to use some of the more advanced features. It is intended to advance your skills and confidence with the package. Upon completion you will: have an understanding of advanced formatting, be able to search data using criteria based searches, be able to analyse and summarise data and be able to customise charts.

Subjects covered include: advanced printing, absolute cell reference, linking, hide workbooks and worksheets, sorting and filtering, conditional formatting, protecting worksheets, using logical functions, using the IF function, nested IF functions and using hyperlinks.


This training course aims to give experienced Excel users knowledge of the more advanced functions and how to apply them in solving your own business problems. The course will provide you with an opportunity to explore templates, pivot tables, advanced charts, scenario manager and analysis tools.

Powerpoint (Presentations)


This course is designed to provide an introduction and overview of the basic features of PowerPoint. Upon completion of this course you will have an understanding of creating a basic presentation.

Subjects covered include: Start and end a PowerPoint session, edit a presentation, create different types of slides, use the outline tab, add ClipArt to a slide, format slides and use templates, use the slide sorter to re-organise a presentation, print various components of a presentation and run a slide show.


Our intermediate course builds on the introduction course. This course is intended for competent users who wish to learn more about PowerPoint. By the end of the course, attendees should have a greater understanding of the finer points and features of PowerPoint, in order to create professional looking presentations.


This training course provides an overview of the more advanced features and functions of Microsoft PowerPoint. This course is aimed at those who wish to customise or modify their presentations with multimedia elements, action objects and animation.

Subjects covered include: collaborate with other people, save presentations in other formats, send presentations from PowerPoint, password-protect presentations, add and review comments, merge presentation versions, create theme colours and fonts, view and change slide masters, create slide layouts, save design templates, adapt presentations for different audiences, save presentations as videos.

Outlook (Email)


This one day course will build your confidence in using Outlook efficiently. This course covers efficient use of email, send/receive, reply, reply all, forward, attachments, create a signature and managing contacts.


The aim of this course is to look at the more advanced features of Microsoft Outlook which help you to manage information with ease. This course is designed for competent users of Outlook who would like more from the application. Learn how to create rules, out of office replies, manage calendars, manage tasks and creating notes.

Access (Databases)


This course is designed to provide an introduction and overview of the basic features of Access. Upon completion of this course you will have an understanding of creating a basic database. It explores the structure of the Access relational database and demonstrates the construction and use of all the essential elements: tables, forms, queries and reports.

Subjects covered include: design and populate a database, create a table, add, modify and delete records, work with data, create and use basic queries, create basic forms and create basic reports.


Our intermediate course builds on the introduction course. This course is intended for competent users who wish to learn more about Access. By the end of the course, users will be able to design, implement and maintain databases, and enhance the functionality of a database through relationships and advanced queries.

Subjects covered include: primary key, indexes, input masks, validation, relationships, further queries, advanced query wizards, building forms and further reports.

Note: Courses can be delivered in Welsh, English or bilingually, please let us know your language preference